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This letter was written after the job was completed:

December 18, 1997

Mr. Mike Carden
MUI Corporation
3212 Cahaba Heights Road
Birmingham, AL 35243

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your kind note. I wanted you to be assured that Jean and I were quite satisfied and pleased with the work which you did. It is the best experience we have ever had in dealing with home additions and repairs. You did quality work and kept your word. You may rest assured that the next time we have something, you will have the first option.

With kindest regards, I am


Clarence Small

P.S. I am thinking of re-doing the kitchen and raising the ceiling. Do you do that kind of work?

This letter was written two weeks before the job was started:

June 23, 1997

Mr. Mike Cardin
MUI Corporation
3212 Cahaba Heights Rd
Birmingham, AL 35243

RE: Proposal for remodeling at 4357 Kennesaw Drive

Dear Mr. Cardin:

We have now returned from Alaska and are ready to enter into a firm agreement with you with respect to remodeling work. The last time we had folks on the property for work of this type, we had the following problems:

(1) Excessive use of our telephone
(2) Destruction of property which was not under repair (a good example is the driveway)
(3) Cigarette butts and other litter left on the property
(4) Unauthorized changes in the work
Essentially, I would like to spell out your solution to these problems in the agreement, as well as a starting and completion time subject to weather. I look forward to working with you on this matter.

With kindest regards, I am


Clarence M. Small, Jr.