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Greater Birmingham Association Of Home Builders

For years the homebuilding and remodeling industry have taken it on the chin when it comes to consumer complaints. One of the things learned through activity with the Home Builders Association, is the number of complaints that are called in to the staff. Because of the desire to have a way to answer those complaints and the need to help clean up the industry, the GBAHB started the MASTER BUILDER/REMODELOR program in 1995.

Not all builder members of the Association are members of the MASTER BUILDER/REMODELOR program. The builder or remodelor must make separate application and submit to an intense scrutiny by the committee and his peers. If they are accepted, renewal, which is as stringent as the original application, must be accomplished every year.

The criteria for the members of the MASTER BUILDER/REMODELOR program are:

  • Six satisfied homeowner recommendations
  • Intense financial scrutiny and credit check
  • Reputation among their peers
  • Pre-contract Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) clause.
  • Express written warranty at the contract stage.
  • Contractual Quality Standards
  • Continuing educational requirements.
  • Membership in good standing with the GBAHB and if applicable, the Remodelors Council.
  • Must carry Workmen's Compensation and General Liability insurance.
ADR through a Master Builder/Remodelor begins with the consumer filing a written complaint against the member. The committee, comprised of 6 Master Builders, 3 Master Remodelors and 3 Associate members, will then try to resolve the dispute through open negotiation with the two parties. Should this process not accomplish the desired result, both parties have already agreed to turn the dispute over to one of the accepted methods of arbitration. This process speaks to the process of resolution without the time, cost and conflict of a court battle.

Since the inception the program has gotten stronger and larger. It has been under constant scrutiny to improve the process and strengthen the requirements. It has been used as a template in many other areas across the country because of its success.

MUI Corporation is proud to have been one of the driving forces behind the formation of the MASTER BUILDER/REMODELOR program and the 1st Remodelor accepted into the program.