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The joke in the remodeling industry among contractors goes something like this, "Do you know the difference between an architect and a designer? ................... About $10,000.00!"

Wouldn't you rather but to put that $10,000.00 into the physical aspects of your home than in the design phase of the project?

Today with the increase in professional remodeling, a unique phenomenon is occurring. Contractors are offering more design services to meet the needs of the consumer. One must be careful though, to select the right contractor for the relationship. More homeowners today are realizing that about 40% of the architectural plans drawn, are completely out of their budget. So, unless they are careful, they end up with a voluminous amount of paper for a dream project they can never afford, sans their winning the lottery.

With the new attitude of interviewing your contractor instead of "blind" bidding on the job, it is becoming more prevalent to select a contractor to budget, design and implement the consumers project. Don't get the wrong impression; architects have a purpose, to protect the homeowner against the unscrupulous contractor. But, if the homeowner goes through the proper selection procedures, they can achieve the same end result by using a qualified design/build remodeling contractor.

First the homeowner must go through the selection processes to find the comfortable remodeling contractor. Take references from neighbors and friends, check the contractor out through the local Home Builders' Association, the local Better Business Bureau, and confirm their State license, if applicable. Once you have narrowed the field down to 2- 3 contractors, make sure you ask for their history, references, insurance statements and corporate set-up. Have you ever ask yourself what would happen to your project should the contractor himself pass away? Perhaps you should? A true professional will have others within the company to make sure your job is designed and completed to your satisfaction. Most real professionals will have more than one person assigned to your job. Comforting isn't it? A design person, sales person, production manager, lead carpenter and the owner of the company, all assigned to take care of you and your home.

Budget for your project comes first, design is second and implementation which is the real accomplishment, is the fruition of a dream that surveys show you have been considering for over a year.

So, the next time your thinking about remodeling, find a qualified design/build professional and see if it makes life simpler and your project more gratifying.